After training with the Royal Air Force and working with the National Health Service as part of an ambulance crew, Elliot decided to follow his passion and focus within the field of  conservation. To gain a greater understanding of biodiversity conservation, he undertook a postgraduate certificate in Ecosystem Health and Biodiversity from the University of Edinburgh and an MSc from Imperial College London in Conservation Science. He has significant experience of project management and fundraising for conservation NGOs. Elliot was first inspired to get involved in the conservation of pangolins following reading an article detailing the current situation, and has ever since been dedicated to do what he can to help conserve pangolins.




Alegría has recently completed her MSc in Conservation Science at Imperial College London. Previous to the master she worked for TRAFFIC based in Viet Nam, as well as in several non-profits focused on land conservation in the United States, and participated in a program aimed at releasing Andean condors back into the wild in Ecuador. During her time in Southeast Asia she acquired an interest in illegal wildlife trade and the behaviour change field. Her MSc dissertation evaluates behaviour change interventions to reduce consumption of rhino horn in Viet Nam. Originally from Ecuador, she got her undergraduate degree at Whitman College (USA) in Environmental Humanities and is currently based in Quito, Ecuador.




A conservationist with an engineering background, Aakash is determined to use his technical skills towards conservation. After working in the technology industry as a software engineer in the United States for some time, he decided to commit his time and skills solely towards the cause of biodiversity conservation, as a result of which he decided to pursue an MSc. in Conservation Science at Imperial College London, which he completed recently. Aakash has extensive experience of working with conservation issues in Asia, particularly in Himalayan regions within India. In light of the recent surge in Pangolin trade in Asia, Aakash is now dedicated to conserving these unique creatures using both his conservation experience and strong technical skills. 




Julien spent 7 years pursuing a career in motorsport through which he gained experience in sponsorship and events. In 2013 he began working  full-time in the sponsorship and events industry and after gaining valuable experience in the industry he decided that he wanted to apply his skills towards his true passion, nature conservation. This passion derives from his South African heritage as he was introduced to the African bush by his father at the age of four. In 2015 Julien completed an MSc in Conservation Science at Imperial College London. He believes that he can combine his extensive public relations experience and conservation interests to strongly contribute to pangolin conservation, which is the need of the hour.