The main reason behind poaching of pangolins is believed to be the demand for these animals in Asia. Although there is no scientific evidence that supports the belief that pangolin derivatives have medicinal properties, demand in countries like China and Viet Nam continues to be a strong driver of the illegal trade of these species. If this continues, all pangolin species will likely become extinct within a decade which is why we need to act now.

Pangolins could become extinct before most people have even heard of their existence! It is thought that 100,000 of these unique animals are poached from the wilds of Africa and Asia each year, making Pangolins the world's most heavily trafficked mammal. In Africa pangolins are consumed as bush meat while in Asia, their scales are used for traditional medicines and their meat is eaten as a delicacy. If we do not act swiftly these gentle creatures could be lost from our world. 

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Image Source: African Pangolin Working Group

Illegal Trade of Pangolins Threatens These Animals with Extinction