Be a Pangolin Hero and help us build South Africa's first official Pangolorium!

People for Pangolins is working with the African Pangolin Working Group to create South Africa’s first pangolin rehabilitation centre. This will be a specialised facility which will provide medical treatment for injured pangolins and help return these endangered mammals to the wild.

Why is it needed?

Pangolins are the world’s most heavily trafficked wild mammal, with over 100,000 taken from the wild each year to enter the illegal wildlife trade. This means pangolins are confiscated on a regular basis when law enforcement intercept pangolin smugglers; these pangolins are typically in very poor physical conditions and need urgent help. Pangolins are also injured and killed by game reserve electric fences and run over by cars.

If these surviving pangolins are ever to make it back to the wild, they require specialist medical care and rehabilitation which is currently not available in South Africa.

How will we achieve this?

The Campaign will help establish South Africa’s first official pangolin rehabilitation centre, or ‘Pangolarium’. This project will use expertise of the African Pangolin Working Group to ensure that the pangolins have the best possible chance to recover, using the successful model of the Tikki Hywood Trust in Zimbabwe, which is renowned for its pangolin care and releasing pangolins back to the wild.

The team will also be supplied with GPS trackers to monitor the released pangolins once they are successfully released into the wild.

We need your help! 

By donating to this cause you can help save the South African Pangolin Species: the Temminks Pangolin. 

Get in touch with us to find out more about this project and potential ways in which we may be able to thank you for your donation. 

Weʼre raising £12,500 to help build South Africa's first official Pangolin Rehabilitation Centre!