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The Holy Grail of the Safari

by: Alexandra Olivieri The first time I saw a pangolin… I nearly died… in a car accident. Well, that sounds a bit dramatic. Let me explain. At the time I was working at a wildlife rehabilitation centre in South Africa; one night we were driving around in an enormous open game drive vehicle (safari vehicle with no windows and a pretty basic roof) , when all of a sudden Jan – the volunteer coordinator/driver, slammed into the breaks and ran into the bushes in a frenzy that seem

Releasing Pangolins in Vietnam

by: Louise Fletcher I’m lucky enough to have experience of pangolins both in captivity and in the wild and have some incredibly fond memories. My first experiences were working with The Carnivore and Pangolin Conservation Program (CPCP) monitoring the release of rehabilitated Sunda pangolins in Vietnam. One of the most exciting aspects is watching the animals when they are first reintroduced into the wild, the incessant sniffing of the new smells of the forest and then, once

Pangolin Research in Nepal

by: Tulshi Laxmi Suwal My first encounter with live pangolin happened during my thesis field work. Early in the morning, I was with a local assistant studying pangolin pine forest habitat; I saw a female Chinese Pangolin with her baby. It seemed as if it was searching for its food- ants and termites. We slowly approached her and despite how close we were, she didn’t run away or show any aggression. But she felt our presence and rolled with its baby into tight ball.  I felt so

The Forest Gardner

by: Diana J. Limjoco Balin was a young orphan pangolin brought to me by a local villager in Palawan. They said a forester cutting logs killed the mother and so Balin needed help to survive. This was my first wildlife rescue and I will always be so very grateful to have known such a gentle and marvelous  creature. In our forest in Palawan, I watched one of these gentle creatures digging into very hard earth, so hard I had trouble breaking clumps apart with my knife. This littl

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