Supporting Pangolins on the Front Line 

At People for Pangolins we support conservation professionals around the globe who are leading projects that support pangolins. We typically focus on small on the ground projects led by local people who have extensive experience and a true passion for saving the species.

We look to support pangolin projects throughout both Africa and Asia. To this end, we alternate from African to Asian projects on a yearly basis. People for Pangolins is a purely voluntary-led organisation which enables almost the entirety of all donations to be directed straight towards pangolin conservation projects.


Our Current Campaign

Supporting 1StopBorneo

Our current campaign is supporting 1StopBorneo in Malaysia. We are providing funds to support their conservation tourism, wildlife rescue and education activities.

1StopBorneo is run by dedicated volunteers who are committed to providing knowledge and inspiring local people to protect their incredible biodiversity, work with former hunters by employing them in conservation tourism programs, rescuing and releasing wildlife -- like Critically Endangered pangolins --back to the wild!




Previous Campaigns

Previous campaigns have supported the leading pangolin charity, Save Vietnam's Wildlife, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Pangolin Specialist Group, and the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital.


Pump it for Pangolins take 2!

Three Peaks for Pangolins

Pump it for Pangolins


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